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❝ Ratchet is a racialized term. So is ghetto. So is thug. So is welfare queen. Someone does not have to EXPLICITLY say the word “black” in order for something to be racist against black people. Speaking in flagrantly racist terms is one of the least sophisticated manifestations of racism today. ❞
—— TemperedFury on Philip DeFranco’s, creator of the YouTube channel Philly D, use of racialized language.  (via knowledgeequalsblackpower)


❝ Until feminists are aware of the state’s involvement in protecting patriarchy as a system of power, much in the same way it protects capitalism and racism as systems, feminists will be unable to see why a reform politics, though necessary, is insufficient. ❞
—— Zillah Eisenstein (via postcolonialfeminist)


❝ I must remind you that starving a child is violence. Suppressing a culture is violence. Neglecting school children is violence. Punishing a mother and her family is violence. Discrimination against a working man is violence. Ghetto housing is violence. Ignoring medical need is violence. Contempt for poverty is violence. ❞
—— Coretta Scott King (via samirathejerk)



William H. Foster III, comic book historian, on representation in comic books. From PBS’s Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle.

Because a post crossed my dash recently asking why we need to push for more representation in comic books and media in general. 50 years later, this man still tears up because in one panel, Peter Parker spoke to an unnamed black kid. That’s why we need representation.




D. Miller, English, Howard

"My style is very goth, Afrocentric."



Relevant to all of my interests. ALL OF THEM.



If we really brought back those early rap/r&b collabs from the early 00’s this is what would happen.

The Expectation: Kendrick Lamar/ Sevyn Streeter, Theophilus London/ Janelle Monae, Angel Haze/ Frank Ocean, Drake/Miguel, Nicki Minaj/K. Michelle

The Reality: Iggy Azalea/Justin Timberlake, Macklemore/Robin Thicke, Mac Miller/Justin Bieber, Kreyshawn/Ariana Grande, Riff Raff/Miley Cyrus